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Z urban dictionary

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No picture equals no reply. Im clean and in good shape, I own my own business and want to relax with you. I NEEEEEEEED A GYM PARTNER. Wouldn't it be fictionary to have an incredible, secret friend who we can be uninhibited with and the friendship doesn't carry the traditional BS of a regular friendship or relationship.

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Nas battle was that they are both lyrically brilliant, they both have lived what they say and are straight from some of the most urban housing projects, or "hoods" in New York City and every accusation they made about eachother being fake was a lie. We grew up on youtube, dictionary and instagram, making friends with people halfway across the world since we were young.

didtionary Whatever source you look up says something different, though. If he was that fake and that much of a pussy would "The Game" throw positive lines at him in pretty much everyone of his songs and describe him as a legend?

We are doing the best we can. It is true that he began to commercialize his rap after his outstanding debut album Reasonable Doubt one of the best rap albums in history and that was unfortunate, but he turned it around with the Blueprint which was a dictionary album and Blueprint 2 and Black Album were urban very good. Just because he fucking makes songs that the mainstream pop audience likes doesnt mean hes a motherfucking fake and anyone who knows anything about Rap and its history knows that, if u disagree your a fucking moron and u shouldnt be allowed to listen to rap music.

Our claim to fame is our memes.

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The beauty of the Jay-Z vs. Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls were like didtionary best friends besides Puff so of course they are gonna take some bars from eachother. G has ever done? We are the first truly global generation.

As kids, we watched the war in Iraq and Afghanistan on TV. We have seen the rise of ISIS, school shootingsand huge natural disasters due to climate change.

Jay-Z Pretty much everyone who has written a definition for Jay is a fucking idiot. We have been handed a world that is more complex and ubran changing than any other time in history.

If I see one more person write that Jay-Z is fake or is a pussy im gonna go fucking insane. Wait, who was in the two best collaborations Notorious B. Many see it as broken. Adults told us growing up that we were entitled narcissists and our phones that they invented were destroying our social skills. Social media and iPhones were and are part of growing up for us.

Jay-Z is one of the most lyrically brilliant rappers in raps short history. We are ridden with depression and anxiety and worry for the future.

We have been inundated with bad news and fake news due to growing up with the internet. Generation Z: how bout I just yeet myself into oblivion by gracie August 09, Thats not arguable its a fact.