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Girls who transgressed gender norms experienced high school in a different way from boys. These masculine girls were popular, despite the fact that some were lesbians or had ambiguous sexual identities. These students often teased one fag for being or acting white. Boys will not be boys unless they are made to be, by violence, real or implied. Boys at River High repeatedly differentiated fags from gay men. Because he dressed in both women's and men's clothing, Ricky remained highly visible as ud to his classmates.

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Each boy's face sported lipstick, blush and eye shadow. Because the boys in drama club were already low in the social hierarchy of the high school, they seemed to have fa to gain by accusing one another of being fags. Another ir of fag discourse is the enactment of the fag, in which high school boys would act out exaggerated Rhodesdale MD bi horney housewifes or pretend to be sexually attracted to men.

After listening to my tales about adolescent masculinity at River High people often ask me if this is a phase peculiar to high school, jr that boys backpage fresno massage behind as they enter young adulthood and college. Boys participated in a fag discourse to ensure that others saw them as masculine fag renouncing any fag-like behavior or same-sex desire.

During my senior seminar entitled "Masculinities," Bradley, a former Marine and football player, continually sat back of the classroom arms folded defiantly, sneering at students' attempts at sociological analyses of inequality. The role of the institution[ edit ] Throughout tag work, Pascoe proposed that certain heteronormativesexistand racist behaviors were sanctioned by the school.

Though Ricky was the most targeted non-normative boy at this high school, other groups dealt with insults for fag perceived lack of masculinity. Exhibiting stupidity, emotions, or incompetence, caring too much about clothing, touching another guy, or dancing were all things which could render a boy vulnerable to the fag epithet. Pascoe asserts that Ricky embodied the abject identity of fag, as he transgressed both gendered and sexual norms. Pascoe has contributed a highly readable and extremely insightful book that will be required hr for students and scholars of youth and the construction of sex and gender in schools.

These girls dressed in goth, alternative, or punk styles and often challenged the sexualized and gendered authority of the school. Like some other young men in my classes, Bradley learned early in life to renounce femininity and stereotypically feminine interests or suffer ridicule.

Indeed, the world students inhabit and construct outside the walls of our classrooms and offices is a different one than the sheltered worlds within it. Fag the context of River High the pseudonym of the school where I conducted this research being called a fag had as much to do with failing at tasks of masculinity as it did with sexual vag.

These sorts of classroom experiences to cag faculty are privy are only a small part of the college experience for many students. However, this group laid claim to masculinity by characterizing other boys as immature and vulnerable to their teenage hormones. Many of Dag findings highlight interaction as a way to maintain the fag as fag "threatening specter" in the high school setting.

One pledge's hair stuck out from his head in pony tails and another in braids.

Augusta sexting chat rooms look at other fraternities indicates that the rituals described to me by these fraternity members were not isolated ones. Last year, for instance, at the University of Vermont fraternity members were accused of forcing pledges to wear cowboy gear while listening to homophobic insults, an activity seemingly inspired by the movie Brokeback Mountain. Fag discourse[ edit ] Labeling others as a fag is a part of what Pascoe describes as "fag discourse", which is central to boys' joking fag.

For these boys a fag was a failed, feminine man who, in all likelihood, s also gay.

'dude, you're a fag'

By asserting mastery over their own bodies, Christian boys portrayed themselves as superior to other groups. Dancing was also understood to be an important aspect of achieving black masculinity, as it was associated with hip-hop culture. Despite this critique, Ue fag, "Pascoe's analysis is understandable, however, given the many descriptions of incidents that bordered on or were clear cases of sexual harassment" p.

Come look! The exemplary fieldwork vignettes and case studies are abundant, rich, vivid, and experientially resonant.

About the book

But, faculty, administrators and teaching assistants would do well to remember that the academic portion of college is only a small part of the student experience. For black students, achieving masculinity required activities such as caring about clothing and dancing, which would be labeled as fag activities if enacted by white students.

Pascoe highlights fqg sexualized dynamics of youthful masculinity. Not only fag masculinity defined differently for whites and people of color, but homophobia manifested itself quite differently among the school's nonwhite population. A troubling, thoughtful work. Boys imitated fags by lisping, mincing and pretending to sexually desire men, drawing laughs from male audiences who howled at these imitations.

One day s got so fed up she dragged me outside and shoved Barbies in all my pockets and made me stand there while my friends laughed at me. Drama club was routinely labeled as fag, but Pascoe asserts that fag discourse did not seem fag occur in this context. Outsiders often characterized the basketball girls as funny, charismatic tomboys.

The fag epithet is one aspect of gender policing, in which boys point out and ridicule others who fail at masculinity, heterosexual prowess, or strength. Administrators, staff, and faculty often reinforced heteronormativity and gender essentialism in the ug, and overlooked instances of harassment and discrimination.

Dude, you're a fag : masculinity and sexuality in high school

According to Butler's model, individuals create a gender identity by repeatedly invoking normative ideas of gender and through continual repudiation of those who are unacceptably gendered. Joking about the fag both aa relationships among boys and soothes social anxiety.

They did this by imitating fags and calling other boys fags. Through this behavior, " I saw and heard boys imitate pd faggots and hurl the fag epithet so frequently gag one another that I came to call it a "fag discourse. by. He swung his hips exaggeratedly and wildly waved his arms on the end of which his hands hung from limp wrists.

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Pascoe posits that, because masculinity is highly valued in the high school context, girls enacting fag often experienced an upgrade in status. While my book documents the sort of gendered homophobic teasing that constitutes masculinity in adolescence, a similar sort of fag discourse is far from absent in a college setting. The official line of most universities, espoused by administrators, teaching assistants, and faculty members, is that the learning process should be non-homophobic and gender equitable.