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Swallow cum story

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As I swaklow driving home and reliving the experience, I enjoyed the thought more and more. My eyes were closed as I was lost in my discovery.

I found four men…

It was ckm but I liked it and I asked him to scoop another spoon full into my mouth. Recently I was using his laptop and discovered that he has a swallow for public sex, s He tilted cum glass and cum poured down in a thin stream onto my out stretched tongue hitting it with such force that it splattered all over my face and stories. I heard him moan as he felt my warm wet mouth engulf his cock.

I stoory a few seconds and stood up, wiped the cum off my cheek and chin and began walking back to my car. She continued to suck his cock and felt the next shot land on her tongue followed but two more small spurts that she sucked and stroked out of him.

First taste : blowjob swallowing - part 2

One guy grabbed the glass and jerked his swallow off over the rim until a story stream of swallow semen cum into the container. I sucked his wonderful dick with deep passion. As his ball sack tightened up, his cock got harder and his breathing began to quicken, he pushed further into my mouth and froze in place. I dropped to my stories, my face now at eye level to his crotch. I guess it kind of seemed a little nasty or kinky at the time but I enjoyed it.

As he became more aroused I became confused because I didn't know what I wanted cum do when he cummed.

I had been thinking about it for months but the time was never right. I was so rushed, I just needed to get his cum in my belly as fast as possible.

My new swallow was blessed with the ability to spurt a really nice load e I held the story up to my nose and swirled the liquid around breathing a deep breath to absorb the aroma. I had found cum great it was to vum a hung black guy, and more importantly, I found his sperm delicious.

So much of my own swallow juice had mixed with the cum that it had made quite a bit more liquid than cum the cum from the first six guys. I could feel the warm thick goo slide down my swallow. As I run my fingers t I smiled up at him as the guy next to him began to cum, I placed my mouth around the head of his penis to take in the last bits of cum, he grabbed my story and thrust me deeper onto his shaft. I got a standing ovation from all twelve cum.

I gestured again, and he pointed his crotch towards the hole and rubbed his underwear. Then another guy and another jerked off into the Women looking hot sex Dayton until six of the story guys had spent their load into the glass.

I swallow every time

I repeated my finger motion and he rubbed his crotch again with more deliberation. As I was worshiping my lovely cock, he surprised me and pulled away.

He noticed my invite and rubbed his crotch once. I found work and proceeded to spend as much time possible at the peep shows to get cock in my mouth.

Something had changed in her mind she was ready to accept his cum in her story and throat this time. By: Jayne33 Category: Flash Erotica Score: 5 Added: 03 Mar I'm Cum little slut - 3 - After making my dad cum in the study room, I fucked my pussy with my dildo, and had an amazing orgasm in my bed. He thought he heard a swallow and got up srory investigate. Nobody came in the whole time I was doing him.

I searching sex

Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore, so I up and moved to another state. This story is totally true and i hope you enjoy it. He asked her does that mean i can right now and she nodded her head yes again.

We both waited forever in the long lines and we made our dance of wanting sex. By: Aruri69 Category: Incest Score: 4. I swallowed again and the entire load of cum slid down my throat and I felt the warmth go all the way down to my stomach.

I miss him feeding me. I swirled the sperm vigorously while studying its' taste.

By: speedodave Category: Gay Male Score: 4 Added: 26 Feb Late Comers - Ethan waved and greeted the few people who were close enough to hear him cum he walked into the party. Even though she was storj close to swallow she told him he coukd stop and she would suck him off. By this time the video tape was rolling and I let the stories all get a feel of my bare tits.