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Strip - poker - stories

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Strip poker

He squeezed my ass in his pokers and tilted my hips into his face as he ran his tongue from ass to clit. I got a fine cotton-rope out and proceeded to tie her hands. The subject matter I like to concent I have a full time office job and started writing as a hobby to give me a break from looking at spreheets all day. Ted picked up the deck. Then slowly up and story one more time with a twist of the hips. He smiled down at me sheepishly and laid the blanket from the couch over me.

One of my best friends that first year was a guy we can call John. My heart beat like mad, and I barely breathed.

I rolled to my side and tugged his boxers over his lean hips. Next storiew went to us, with John as winner, and Anna had her hands tied behind her. We tied their arms and legs, and then hog-tied them. They arrived promptly at seven, looking great. I could feel that he wanted me.

See a problem?

We decided to invite strop girls over one night, and introduce them to some tying. I finally plucked up the courage to publish my stories after deciding that this was the only way in which I could get some feedback and develop my writing skills. I read every story I could, but was disappointed at how few stories existed which concentrated on the innocence of the game itself rather than an over the top group sex session ;oker.

I felt the tingle begin in my belly and shoot down to my toes. No sense messing up a good thing. After a few hands, Alex was holding her own and Sam had lost his shirt and shoes.

Sam was also at the moment of truth as he pokwr a sock to leave him with a pair of blue jeans—only. The one in the dress laughed and lay down a much better hand. I had been sitting in as modest a position as I could manage, my legs together and my arms covering my chest as best I could.

Strip poker.

He had no idea of the mental state I was in after Allan, or the effect of too many vodka tonics. It was during one of these training-sessions where we assisted Mr.

stiries Chris obliged and turned around, placing her hands behind her back. I traced the V of his hips up and over his hard, flat stomach.

What happens when the panties come off?

The fourth and fifth round saw Chris as the loser and she first removed her shirt, but then hesitated. It was three against one — a dorm room gang bang. It was about time to put our plan to work.

I liked the risk, the uncertainty, the manipulation, the strategy. The taste of my juices turned me on even more as Ted went down between my legs. She revealed her pussy and soft round ass as her jeans dropped to the floor and she slowly stepped out of them. She was now down to one item, but she was still fully covered.

And, she looked hot in just a bra and jeans. He whistled sfrip tune and bent back into the cooler as I handed him some bottles.

Seven-card stud was my jam, and true to form, I won several hands easily. That left Brian. Christine, who wanted to be called Chris, had dark-brown hair, cut rather short in the neck, but with the same length at the sides and in front.

Now Alex was not much of a card player so her chances of winning were slim. She had very dark-blue eyes and an ever-smiling beautiful mouth. Every part of my sex was hot, slippery, and pulsing.

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I could no longer leave. I collapsed onto his chest for a minute, completely spent. Storiex could feel in his lips and in his breath how much he wanted me. Trying to conceal the shake of her hand, she reached towards her four new cards and lifted them up one by one.

A strip poker story

He was a professional magician and escape-artist, not very famous, but struggling hard to make a name for himself. I poured myself another drink, and for some reason, started to lose badly. I looked sideways at Brian, trying to read him. I pokef the game.