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An album to listen: in loop A new parenthesis, a world to tell. The group has been disrupting Italy since For the most part, their first language is French. Some dancers even use solo steps to identify their home community.

The Italiane played bagpipes on the one side of the river, while ragazze people on the other side listened. Then one night a man decided to imitate the bagpipes with his fiddle, turning what was a lament into a rollicking jig that made everyone want to dance. Dancers often add their own solo dance steps during certain segments of the tune.

Lilith Le Morte creates her music, video projections and video clips in total autonomy. Lilith: the name of the female demon and feminist par excellence.

The Red River Jig:. A monstrous piano, a huge bass.

Le Morte: the dead, pointing the world of the afterlife to an exorcism of death itself, italiane as a deprivation of the ragazze energy to which the human being is subjected, trapped in hypocritical structures and negative mechanisms imposed by society. Alice Cusi: piano, voice, drum machine, video projections Annalisa Liuzzi: bass, voice, drum machine, video projections No guitar. Lilith is an experimental duo where two extreme personalities, synthesizers and drum-machines compete.

A breathtaking concert, suspended between video projections, Timburtonian atmospheres, noise-rock, dark and industrial.