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Ready Sexual Encounters My girlfriend is always sick

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My girlfriend is always sick

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Name: Sondra
Age: 31
City: Cessnock, Holden Beach
Hair: Bald
Relation Type: Wanted Woman With A Ball Gown
Seeking: I Look For Nsa Sex
Relationship Status: Divorced

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It's either one thing or another. As you say, things have been perfect.

I've tried talking to her it's no use. And she gets pissed off at me when I get upset about being denied all the time.

He's hard to handle She has a weak immune system. She'll give me an excuse to not have sex one day and she promises the next day and then magically she has strep or something Even doctors confirmed it.

She's definitely in denial. Even if doctors cannot find anything physically wrong with them?

Deciding on whether you want that for yourself is another matter and it may be that couple counselling could be a way of helping each of you to understand the other better. I love my fiance' more than anything but I swear I have never met a sickk in my life who constantly complains of not feeling well like she does.

If not that she feels tired. Recently this almost pushed me to the point of cheating.

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If not that it's something else. But I can't take this chit anymore.

So you are asking if its okay to leave her because there is not enough sex in the relationship ,really? I feel like virlfriend is the first person who actually loves me for being me, instead of me feeling I need to put on a show to please someone. She has a minor panic disorder which she won't admit, but I know she has. LoL my fiance pulls the same crap.

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What if you got sick,needed her and she said no,i want someone who is alwsys all the time,how would you feel in that situation? She has had some tests done. I said that it was okay and we could have date night some other time. So often, one of the biggest barriers to opening up a different conversation is that neither party feels they are being properly heard.

Rantlet: my girlfriend is sick. again.

But in all reality it is all in her mind. Once in the clear, she's fine. Your girlfriend may well be feeling powerless in the face of her ill-health and one of the ways that people sometimes deal with this is to become bossy and argumentative.

If it's not a headache it's back aches. The other bit to this is to recognise that in even in a committed relationship, problems will come and go. Ia Himself 2. Whenever she is sick all we talk about is her being sick, she just complains all the time.

I responded with "Listen; you are always sick and I'm sick of hearing you complain about it each time. It's like every part on her body is busted in some way, shape or form. She doesn't like crowds and freaks out when hemmed-in by people I use to go over to girlriend place and take care of her. She's been to several doctors and none of them can find anything wrong with her.

It's triggered by stress, most of the time. I swear, I sure can pick'em.

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She seems to get the flu, a cold, food poisioning, or headaches at least once every 3 to 4 weeks. Being able to put yourself first sometimes is a necessary ingredient for any relationship but this has to be something alwzys can agree on collectively when necessary. If several docotrs say she is ok than obivously she is fine.

Everyone knows that the best way to get better is to drink fluids and stay in bed. You are acting no better then a sick child and this needs to stop. Yeah you're thinking that is harsh but i stuck with my boyfriend after he had heart surgery, assisted him in girlfriend showers and dressing, got after his sons to help their dad out as i was recovering from surgery for my own health issues, and would do it again as love is not selfish but caring in my books.

The sick thing you have to do is to start believing that you can actually raise your concerns about your relationship with her.

My girlfriend is always sick?

I'm not claiming anything but she tends to get sick a lot when the topic of sex is brought up. She kept on complaining and complaining to me.

Thanks for listening. We have been together for almost 2 years and looking back I don't think there's been too many days where she just felt normal.