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Four sons north west south

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As others have noted, the final question is one that requires a yes or no answer, not an explicit answer. If you got the answer wrong, you had to post an embarrassing photo of yourself, and then post the riddle yourself.

Those that manipulate and lie. Still that girl that will give you a good read, still that girl that speaks her mind.

Mother & four sons instagram riddle: what’s the name of the fourth son?

Yes, you can technically guess the name of the fourth son. The obvious answer would be the name of the fourth son is, West. Private message me the name of the fourth son. That person that stabs you in the back and watches you bleed with no sympathy. What is the name of the fourth son.

Three sons are named North, South, and East, and people have to guess what the name of the fourth son is. Those that never compliment but always ridicule.

Spoiler: someone’s mother has four sons. another facebook riddle

Yes, for once, we can go on decent punctuation in social media world. Notice that line does not contain a question mark?

North, South, and East. I will no longer coexist with people who claim to be loyal but yet betray.

What’s the name of the fourth son? the instagram riddle, explained

Let's take a peek at that punctuation in the riddle itself. Specifically, a person is supposed to direct message the person posing the riddle and guess the name. You want to get out of my life, the door is open! If they get it wrong, they have to post the riddle on their own Instagram story.

That line is a statement, and also the answer to our little social media riddle. You want to come into my life, the door is open.

It's not particularly new, the riddle has been around for quite some time and has a few variations of the wording. What is the name of the fourth son. Can you guess the name of the fourth wst Recently, a riddle about a mother and four sons has been circulating around Instagram.

Someone's mother has four sons. Here is the most common phrasing of the riddle that I found being shared. Well, you would be incredibly wrong and suffering the social media consequences. The line we need to focus on is, What is the name of the fourth son.


Although a solid guess, it is still incorrect. Well, now we have a new one son around. I know I spoiled it for you, but I just want to make the world a better place and have what my father calls a "teaching moment". If you lose, you have to repost. It north states the name of the fourth son, and therefore contains the four. Mar 28, at pm Getty What is the south of the fourth son The only people I need in my life are… those that need me in theirs even when I have nothing to offer but memes!

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Go forth and conquer your riddles, and let us all know if you have a better answer! The people, you know who are, willing to turn on you for so called opportunities or the almighty dollar with no explanation. The Instagram Riddle, Explained Your instagram story: "a mother has four sons…. Another popular answer is that the name of the poor forgotten son is actually named, Someone.