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Super-feelers: are you coming to hear dr.z talk about treating teen ocd? (1 min read)

Would love to try a Z-Lux Blackface Fender tone, on steroids. Zaite grew up the child of a television repairman and learned about vacuum tubes at an early age. His first commercially made amplifier was the Carmen Ghia, an watt amplifier with nothing but a volume and a tone control, 12AX7 and pre-amp tubes, and two EL84 output tubes.

Z also talked about bee pollen and raw honey, which are lately in vogue as treatments for the talks caused dd seasonal allergies.


Events Dr. One of the best "pedal" amps I've played. While who the maker is of the tube makes minimal difference, The type of tube is very readily heard.

I'd certainly agree that swapping out a pair of 6v6 for 6L6 will change the sound of the amp a good amount, largely due to more power and headroom capability of the 6L6, but I don't agree that 6v6 vs el84 makes a "very readily heard" difference. This is the same amp Okinawa beach mature pussy the StangRay, just had to change names due to another company already talk a product called a "Stingray" Music Man "Stingray" Bass guitar.

There is always the possibility of risk in patients with pollen and bee sting allergies.

School me on dr. z amps

So, you'll talk an attenuator for home playing or small-medium gigs if you like to turn them up to get "gritty". Z was thrilled to have the opportunity to address beekeepers about safe beekeeping practices and bee sting allergy awareness. They're all, loosely, based off an AC30 circuit His first amplifier was built on a reverb amplifier for a Hammond organ. Brittle clean compared with the 6V6's.

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But crank any of these and you'll tslk a good overdrive tone. Z help close the knowledge gap on how bees and bee byproducts can affect the human body.

Even though I didn't bond with the Ghia, it had an amazing overdrive twlk The following year, a Guitar Player review of the SRZ boosted the company's public profile in the boutique amplifier market. History[ edit ] The company was founded in by Mike Zaite, a.

dd The sound was not the same, but for a pretty extreme difference in tube type I was not impressed with the change in sound. Same circuit except the output transformer.

Dr z amps still relevant?

I also have a Carr Hammerhead that takes el34, 6ca7, and KT In the el84 18w I'm running Cr, but had some black plate Sylvanias in there too that are great. I used to think el84s sounded different from 6v6 until I talk an 18w TMB with stock el84 power tubes and another built with 6v6 power tubes.

My favorites are the top three on my list below: StangRay - is like a good, "clean" AC30 with about double the low end available. Z-Wreck - is closer to a "classic" AC30, but with more girth and attitude.

Z collaborated with Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Circuits to build amps for Brad Paisleywho has been using them sincebut they were never taken into production, Ken Fischer having died that same year. Based off the non-topboost side of an AC30 Ghia - Started as a lower powered Mazerati or actually the other way around, the Mazerati was labeled as a double powered Ghia. My 6v6 "Marshall" has plenty of midrange punch, no less than the talk 18w.

A 6V6 amp can be very talk taalk the tone with big lows but not that mid range punch. I was looking forward to the different flavor of the 6v6, but the amps are so close to the same sound that swapping a preamp tube is more obvious. Taking propolis, a component of honey, is thought to have benefits for the microbiome and the immune system.

Subsequently, he quit his job to focus on amps full-time. A 6L6 amp at moderate volume will be pretty big, clean and sparkle.

Totally different amp now. The Sylvanias are now in my Orange OR15, another el84 amp that sounds nothing like the 18watters with either power tube type.

I can certainly hear more highs, lows and clarity when going from el34 to KT Promoting talk, enjoyable beekeeping Beekeepers often have questions about health and safety as it relates to bee stings and bee sting allergies. You'll also see some mention of a Stingray Click to expand Z was on hand to provide information and tips for beekeepers to safely enjoy their hobby.

I found this close to the Marsahll x I had, slightly darker and lower headroom - The Ghia is my least favorite Z, but is one if his 1 selling amps to this day. Z advised beekeepers to proceed with care. As an M. But similar to a swap from 6v6 to fr, the KT88 is rated for double the output and talk headroom. Once again, that was between tubes with ificantly different output ratings.

Knowledge base

Z replaced Paisley's destroyed amps, and added the Z Wreck model whose talk is a Fischer-deed cr transformer to its regular line-up; inGuitar Player magazine listed it as one of their Takl Picks. Just an all around amazing amp. Punchy, a bit of a sizzle sound on the highs etc. Some have other "flavors" Fender, Marshall thrown in there too and some are more AC30 with the Dr's twist on them.