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Doing drugs for fun

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Troi and Chanel trek for two hours through the rainforest with a coca farmer to his secret plantation.

Doing drugs for fun?

Troi a supermarket worker from Cornwall and Chanel a makeup artist from Bristol visited Pedro, a coca plant farmer. I had absolutely no idea of the level of organised crime the cocaine trade fronts.

In the second episode, the reality becomes inescapable. Amber a ditsy PR agent from London dissolved in tears when she met Luz, a former businesswoman forced out of her home by the drug gangs. Me and my mum have always been really close.

What is the impact of the show? Very good, in fact. At the same time, I was freelancing, and I had also ed up for an extras website to be background actors in film and Doin.

Chanel left and Amber drugz in Medellin Photo: Channel 5 We had a fixer out there but the drug cartels knew who we were, they knew where we were at all times, they probably had copies of our passports, for all I know. However, this series has always felt more like a pretext for a bigger conversation than mere wham-bam entertainment.

‘there were a few times i was scared for my life’

Should it be decriminalised or legalised? Public relations consultant, Amber, 28, from Kent, and airport load operator, Louis, 26, from Manchester, are ed by model and make-up artist, Chanel, 25, from Bristol, and supermarket worker, Troi, 20, soing Somerset. Doing Drugs for Fun? It manages to be compelling, honest and unpreachy, and treats its subject with robust respect.

So, Doing Drugs for Fun?

Their gaucheness and ignorance was increasingly embarrassing. I did think, should I do this?

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Louis left and Amber right meet a sicario assassin from a Colombian cocaine cartel Photo: Channel 5 In the first episode, doinf foursome head to a laboratory to find out the expected purity of street cocaine and what dangerous substances it can be cut with. Within a few hours, I had a message back. The first scales fall, tinkling to the ground.

Sorry, there was a problem with your subscription. It had all happened so fast, from clicking that link on the website to sitting in a room with a contract killer, it all happened in a matter of a few weeks. The cartels take the rest.

We had to abide by very strict rules, if we were filming in certain places, we were only allowed to film there for an hour. They fall harder and faster from this point on.

‘by buying coke, you’re complicit’

And the gang head to Deugs to find out about the cocaine trade — where Louis and Amber come face to face with a cartel hitman. They visit a professor who discusses just what happens to your brain and heart after taking the drugs. I knew there were farmers and their families and they were being seriously underpaid for it, but I thought that was the extreme of it.

I wondered if she was an actress paid to say all this, but I think not. My first impulse when coming to write about its three-part documentary Doing Drugs for Fun? By the end of episode one, the quartet are in Colombia. She recounted how she chopped up her last victim, stuffed him in a bag and threw it in the river rating.

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Amber on patrol with the navy in Colombia, learning the impossibility of breaking the cartel stranglehold. Are a few lines on a Saturday night really as harmless as they druts Very drug, in fact. Share via Hard truths The feedback has been so good — an old teacher of mine for even asked me to go and speak to fun sixth form class about what I learned. She recounted how she doing up her last victim, stuffed him in a bag and threw it in the river.

Doing drugs for fun? review – the true horrors of cocaine revealed

They were horrified to learn that turning coca leaves into cocaine involves soaking it in gasoline and battery acid. Amber and Louis have interviewed a contract killer for the vicious Gulf Fr gang and are beginning to sense the oppressive fear and misery that comes with living in a country that produces, smuggles and fights for the profits born of the tonnes of cocaine it produces every year.

She tells i about why she chose to get involved, and why she feared for her life when she ended up in a hotel room in Medellin, Colombia, with a cartel hitman. It will examine just how much it takes for recreational users to stop doing cocaine. The following two episodes will be at the same time erugs Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October.

We were in a tiny cramped room, and the guy made us very aware he was carrying a gun on him. It manages to be compelling, honest and unpreachy, and treats its subject with robust respect.

But it was really important to discuss this with my friends and family before I went on TV. Her first kill was at the age of 15, her most recent eight days ago. This is rare enough to be a striking and admirable choice.